Awkward Family Photos

Awkard family photos

At one time or another, every family has experienced ackward family photos. However, there are no sure fire ways to avoid those occasions when families not only end up with ackward family photos, but with embarrassing family photos. This is especially the case when a photo session involves large families with many children. Obviously, when parents are trying to get all of their kids to cooperate all at once, there is bound to be some kind of behavior or gesture that will lead to awkward family pictures. However, by enlisting the services of JCPenney portrait studios, families will discover plenty of ideas for family pictures that will help them to avoid overly awkward family portraits.

We all remember the times when one ingenius family member decides that it would be an absolutely splendid idea to treat the old folks to awkward family Christmas photos. As such, the venture ends up rather easily accomplished. Of course, the original intent was not ackward family photos, but a very cute family photo that the parents would cherish for as long as they have left to live. However, there is a lot of fun to be had when earnest efforts result in ackward family photos. Actually, for the realist in us all, nobody really wants their family photos to be absolutely perfect, as that would be unnatural. Thus, to end up with ackward family photos is actually a blessing, because it catches children, and possibly adults, in their most natural states. And given the fact that we do not live forever, the true person, as opposed to an idealized version, will live on through ackward family photos. Who wants to remember the deeply flawed, yet departed brother in law in a perfect pose? Therefore, it is fitting that he ended up causing the awkwardness that is so apparent in ackward family photos.

While flawless family photos are possible, they certainly are not when they involve children and in laws. As such, when a family is arranging for a family portrait that will include any of the above types of people, they should plan on ending up with ackward family photos. Therefore, a family of children and in laws might be wise to consider funny holiday pictures instead.

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