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Assisted Living Options For Your Loved Ones

It can be challenging to watch a loved one lose their autonomy. However, if looking after the elderly becomes overwhelming, to a point where they cannot take care of themselves or their homes, it may be time to consider looking into other housing options. An assisted living facility is a good alternative for seniors who want more help than they can obtain at home but don’t require round-the-clock medical attention.

Meals, medication reminders, housekeeping, and organized activities are standard features of assisted living communities. Some individuals also get assistance with activities of daily living and the chance to participate in vocational, psychological, speech, or behavioral therapy.

Long-term residential care is for older people dealing with a terminal or chronic illness and cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease. People who live in long-term care facilities do so for the remainder of their lives and require round-the-clock care and monitoring.
In addition to a list of assisted living facilities, it is helpful to have a list of nursing homes, rest homes, and a list of continued-care retirement homes at your disposal. If you have a family member who requires assistance, look into a nursing home near me to see if they provide either temporary housing or care over a more extended period.

Getting older should not be stressful. Whether you or a loved one are need of assisted living, a retirement community that offers senior care organized outings or a senior rehabilitation center, there are many options out there to choose from. While you are searching, remember to ask plenty of questions and understand what amenities, options, and services each type of property offers. Below is a brief description of three of the most popular options:

1. Assisted Living Options – Assisted living properties are great for individuals and couples who are needing a bit of help with things throughout the day whether it be with meals, walking or more. Most assisted living facilities provide some type of 24-hour supervision whether it be from nurses or their aides, as well as three meals a day plus, and even some senior care organized outings that include transportation.

2. Retirement Living Options – Another popular option for folks who are getting a bit older and do not need 24-hour care is a retirement community. These types of communities exist all over the country and are great for individuals and couples who are looking to explore parts of the nation they might have not seen before. For instance, many retirees from the midwest set their sights on warmer climates like Florida and California. The average age of retirement right now is 63, and we know from recent studies that over 80 percent of retirees say that being in good health is the most important way to have a happy retirement. Retirement communities encourage healthy living, exercise, and socialization through senior care organized outings.

3. Senior Rehabilitation Center Options – Senior rehabilitation centers are for people who fall into the senior age group and are perhaps recovering from a surgery, fall, or other types of illness. These facilities are not meant to be permanent homes, but rather a place for the patient to work towards getting stronger and returning back to their own home.

Remember, if you or a loved one is nearing retirement age or is in need of assistance in their home, then it might be worth starting your search for a new location for them to live. If you are able to, keep your options open! Visit assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and senior rehab centers if that is what your situation warrants. At the end of the day, you just want to find a location that will provide quality service to you or your loved one. That’s all any of us can ask for!

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