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Statistics say that the average retirement age these days is 63. Not everyone, however, can afford to retire simply because they are of age and would like to spend time at leisure activities. Social security alone is not usually enough to pay the bills, and retirees are still responsible to pay their own way. Many will semi retire and work at a part time job while collecting social security, and others will live on social security and a pension. No matter how the pie is sliced, it still doesn’t make a whole. So, people will consider a less expensive way of life, a lifestyle that takes some of the pressure off.

People over 55 will often choose to downsize and leave a home they have lived in for many years. The kids are grown and out on their own, and the house has really become too much responsibility and too costly. Once the house is sold, the owners will move into a much more easy lifestyle. Depending upon the individual’s income, and also upon their health needs, seniors might choose to live in a retirement community or senior apartments. A retirement community is, for the most part, a housing development for seniors who do not need any outside care and can take care of themselves. The development will often provide activities and events for the residents.

People who do need assistance with every day health needs and responsibilities will usually find what they need in assisted living facilities. Assisted living facilities provide more structured services than do retirement communities because those living there are usually limited by some type of disability. At an assisted living facility, residents are given long term care; for instance, help with bathing, dressing, medication management, meals, and even transportation. It is estimated that the ratio of women to men living in assisted living facilities is 74% to 26%. Studies show that at least three fourths of assisted living residents have some type of dementia as well as high blood pressure. Of Alzheimer’s patients in the United States, almost two thirds are women.

Elder care, or senior care, is also care that is designed to be given to seniors at different stages of life. There are seniors who live to a healthy older age who never get to the place where they need outside help for typical daily activities. Age is not always in itself a reason for elder care. However, there are conditions and diseases of old age that will bring on certain limitations which would make elder care necessary. Elder care can refer to the time of life when assisted living facilities become necessary right up to the need for hospice care.

Adult communities are usually available to people over the age of 55 who are completely able to care for themselves and their home. Many residents in these communities are retired, but, because so many are under the ages of 63 or 65, there are a large number who still work full or part time. Although this type of community does offer social activities for its residents, there is no daily assistance offered for dressing, bathing, or meals as are available in assisted living facilities.

Some activities offered at adult communities are golfing, walking, jogging, swimming, bicycle riding, dance, and aerobic exercise. An adult community is only labeled this way because it is geared toward older people of a certain age who may share the same interests or activities.

There are different types of housing available at adult communities, such as, single family homes, condos, townhouses, manufactured homes, and custom built homes. Typically these developments have staff that handle landscaping and maintenance issues, so that residents are not burdened with them. The residents can own their own home without the extra work. They pay a monthly common fee which will cover trash pickup, maintenance, security, cable TV, internet, and shuttle bus.

For those who are considering assisted living facilities for themselves or a loved one, there are many local to most towns and cities that will enable the resident to remain near family. Become informed and look at the ones that seem to best fit the need. There are many facilities that are well maintained and employ caring staff.

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