Advantages of Private School Education at Each Academic Level

Do you, as a parent, have questions or concerns about the benefits of private schooling versus public schooling? Are you confused about local and state options such as Arkansas virtual academy vs connections academy and similar hybrid and online options? The best way to get reliable and up-to-date answers to these and other critical questions is to talk to your local school board or educational department.

If you have questions about how to choose between a boarding school, a public school, a private school, or a homeschool setup, these experts can be a great source of information and guidance. You should also talk to family and friends in the area with kids the same age as yours and see what their thoughts are and what experiences they have had with the local schools. You can also take your search online and look for things such as ‘where are the best affordable private middle schools near me.” Your child’s education is vital to their future, so it is important to make the right choice of schooling for them and their unique needs and learning style.

Preparatory school

Previous studies and statistics show that a private school education offers many advantages over a public school one. In response to these results, many parents will consider the best time to send their child to a private school program. Do children receive the most benefits when they attend a private school preschool program? If a child is not exposed to a private school until high school, will they still get the same advantages? Although there have been many studies attempting to answer this exact question, the final conclusion is that there are many advantages to private school, at every academic level.

Advantages at the preschool level
Preschool is about learning the motions of the academic program. Children here are learning to develop their basic academic skills and expanding their social development skills. What advantages could a private school offer at this level? You might be surprised to learn that there actually are quite a few. Many private preschool programs are designed to give the child full autonomy. Because autonomy is one of the major developmental milestones at this young age, the best preschools that focus on it can be extremely rewarding. Children tend to develop a higher sense of independence and responsibility in a focused program such as this one.

Advantages at the elementary level
When you think back to your elementary school years, you might not initially realize how important it was to your development. You probably learned things like your ABCs, arithmetic, and you might have taken art and music lessons. The same autonomy focus of the preschool program carries over to the elementary level. Children are learning to think, speak, and act for themselves at this age level and the best day schools encourage this type of growth. Additionally, the academic skills learned at this level will set the tone of success for the rest of the academic years. Private schools have nearly 1.5 times as much of their enrollment in large cities compared to private schools. However, they also have a higher number of teachers and smaller class sizes.

Advantages at the middle school level
The middle school academic level is the first time that the school?s focus is moving away from social skills. While social development is still important at this level, schools also introduce more challenging of academics. Children start to change classes every hour and pick their class schedules based on academic interests and career plans. Children are also encouraged to think about college at this age level. The best schools begin preparing children for college acceptance at the middle school academic level. This is also the first time that some private schools will separate students by gender to avoid social obstacles. However, this practice has significantly declined over the years. Approximately 96% of all private schools in the 2011 to 2012 school year were coeducational, while only 2% enrolled all girls and 2% enrolled all boys.

Advantages at the high school level
High school is full of social opportunities, but the academic expectations are higher than ever. The student is closer to college age and their grades and extra curricular activities here matter. The best private education has already been preparing the child for college, so the adjustment tends to be easier. A child that attended public school and is now transferring to a private education to increase college acceptance rates might struggle with the new academic demands. Children that spend the majority of their academic career in private education day schools are already used to the private school expectations and could show higher success rates.

Private education offers many advantages when compared to public school systems. With smaller class sizes, more academic resources, and a greater focus on college preparation, students tend to show higher academic success rates. Additionally, there are advantages to a private school education at each academic level.

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