4 Tips for Surviving Parenting

Newborn baby sleep pattern

Mother’s deal with a lot. They sacrifice their own sanity, health, and energy to care for their children. They put their bodies through a lot and then forego sleep for many years, until their children are on a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Mother?s rarely get a break. Their parenting job often require 24 hour a day, 7 day a week care. With so many stressful parenting possibilities, however, it is important to take a well deserved break at times. Find ways to care for yourself, so that you are better able to care for your child.

Eat healthier

When caring for children, it may not always be easy to eat healthy. That is why I say to eat healthier. Try to improve every week. Even if your healthier eating habit means actually preparing something for yourself, in addition to your children. If you are dealing with a picky eater, which is common during the terrible twos, attempt to find a healthier meal that you both can share together. Prepare enough portions for both of you, as many parents simply pick off of their children?s plates. During the terrible twos, this can be an effective way to model healthy eating habits to your toddler.

Attempt to get sleep

When you are the mother to a newborn baby or a toddler in the terrible twos, your sleep habits are likely lacking. Sleep is extremely important for your health. You may be tempted to clean or run some errands when you finally get your child to nap, but this is a great time to catch up on some sleep yourself. Newborn babies sleep schedules can be difficult to adjust to, so be sure that you are taking advantage of this sleep time.

It can also be helpful to take turns with your partner. Schedule off half of the night for who wakes up with the baby. You get the first half of the night, and your partner gets the second half of the night, or vice versa. If you are both being awaken for much of the night and are lacking any sleep for many days, consider asking for help from a loved one, simply so that you can catch up on some sleep.

Attempt to exercise

You are likely to feel tired and worn out, making exercise the last thing you think about. However, a regular exercise pattern can actually increase your energy and give you an overall healthier feeling. Exercise routines can also renew your energy for dealing with terrible twos and toddlers and tantrums. Even if you are unable to make it to a gym or group exercise class, develop an exercise routine in your home every other day. As your children get older, you can involve them in the plan.

Exercise can also be helpful when you are pregnant and responsible for caring for your other children. Pregnancy added in with the daily stressors of raising children can be especially difficult. However, just 4% of women deliver on their due date. About 80% of mothers deliver either two weeks before or two weeks after their due date. Exercise can help you manage the pregnancy better.

Live in the positive moments

Try to remember that all of it is worth it. When you are getting newborn to sleep, remember that they will only be a newborn for so long. Take a lot of pictures and interact with them as much as possible. The birth to three period is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span. A newborn baby?s brain triples in size during the first year of life, and by the time they reach age three, children?s brains have formed more than 1,000 trillion connections between neurons. Not only that, but the average 3 year old toddler?s brain is twice as active as the typical brain adult. The development process is extremely fast.

Many mother?s neglect their self care during parenting. This can take a toll on the body and can make it more difficult to properly raise the children. Remembering that self care is important and improving dieting and exercise habits can increase energy levels and help to develop a better sleep schedule.

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