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Apr 03 2019

Are You Preparing to Make a Memory Quilt for Your High School Graduate?

The social media announcement that two of your “friends” have a birthday today made you smile. It is not uncommon, of course, that you have social media friends who share a birthday. In fact, there are many days when your newsfeed and notifications have shown that there are as many as four, five, and six friends who share the same birthday. This pairing, however, is kind of sweet.
One of the birthday people is a friend from your childhood. You went to elementary school together, you were in Girl Scouts together, and your mothers were good friends. You recently ran into this friend and reconnected. Through conversation, she reminded you of the light green uniforms with dark green sashes that you wore to school on the day of troop meetings. She reminded of you about the time your two mothers were the troop leaders for a camping trip when streaking was all the craze. That conversation was fun and took you back to a time when you were carefree, young, and oh so innocent.
The other

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Dec 23 2018

Behind The Prevalence Of Quilting Here In The United States

Crafting has become more popular of an endeavor than ever before here in the United States, this is simply a matter of fact. In fact, more than 60% of all homes and households here in the United States now have at least one person who enjoys crafting to some extent. Crafting can be done for a number of reasons – for stress relief, for a hobby, or even as a part of a business.

And crafting comes in all shapes and sizes, from embroidery to knitting to scrapbooking. Quilting, for example, is one incredibly popular type of crafting here in the United States, with more than 20 million people participating in various types of quilting all throughout the country, a number that has been consistently on the rise over the course of the years. But quilting certainly does not look the same for everyone, as there are a number of different types of quilting out there that people like to partake in.

Traditional quilting, for example, is by and large one of the most popular methods of quilt

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