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Jun 03 2018

The Importance of American Red Cross Clothing Donations

Giving to charities, such as a Red Cross donation center, has become more and more popular over the years. In fact, in just one year in the United States alone, around seventy percent of the total population will choose to donate to charity at least once – and many more than once. Of the total income of people living in the United States, just under five percent of the annual amount is directed towards charity organizations, both through direct donations as well as donated goods. People donate to charity for a number of reasons and internal motivations. For one, it helps out the community. When surveyed, giving back to the community was one of the most popular reasons for donating to charity, and was a key motivation for more than sixty percent of all donors.

But for those who do not necessarily have the funds to give to charity, making a donation may seem difficult. Fortunately, donations come in many forms, such as American Red Cross clothing donations. American Red Cross clothing d

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Feb 11 2018

Four Reasons You Should Donate Your Clothes

Red cross clothing pickup

Americans have an awful lot of clothes cluttering up their homes. The EPA estimates that we’re throwing away about 10 pounds of clothes per person, per year. Meanwhile, we’re consuming about 20 billion garments, or 68 pieces of clothing and 7 pairs of shoes per person every year. If you’ve got a closet full of clutter, kids’ drawers with clothes they’ve outgrown, or other home textiles you’re thinking about trashing, here are a couple reasons you should be finding a Red Cross clothes donation center instead:

  1. When you don’t recycle your clothes, it’s hard on the environment. Landfills fill up fast, and this not only hurts the environment, but also the local city and county budgets where you live. In other words, it’s hurting you. It costs millions to build a new landfill an

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Nov 21 2017

6 Tips and Tricks to a Better Experience with Your Red Cross Clothing Pickup

Clothing donations

Most people in the United States like the idea of giving back to their communities. Many do not have the time to volunteer or the money to donate but like the idea. It has been found that at least 70% of American s go make some kind of donation to charity every year. It has been estimated that people in the United States donate about 3% of their income every year. Non-profit organizations do a lot to give back on both sides of the economy. They help people on the bottom of the economic spectrum with their needs but they also contribute about $666 billion to the country’s economy. To make matters easier, most people who want to help others have items around the house. It is easy to set up a Red Cross clothing pick up.

  1. Go through your items to determine what you have for a Red Cross clothing p

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Aug 02 2017

Guide to Cleaning Out Your Home and Donating Items You No Longer Need

Donate clothes

Have you spent time this year cleaning out your home? Whether it?s spring or not, our homes can always use a little spring cleaning. If you don?t take the time to go through your home room-by-room, clutter piles up, things become disorganized, and the house becomes too overwhelming. You don?t know where to begin, and the task feels too large to begin to tackle. Don?t let that happen to you and your home. Instead, come up with a plan to go through each room every month. You can make spring cleaning a monthly task rather than an annual one.

Interested in learning more about how to make house cleaning simpler and more efficient? Keep reading to find out why you should clean up and clean out your home often to benefit charities like the American Red Cross through American Red Cross clothing donations.

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