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May 28 2018

Encourage Children to Be More Active by Upgrading Your Playground and Dog Park Agility Equipment

In order to stimulate their brain’s development, children need to play. This also helps them with developing gross motor skills. It’s important for children to engage in a variety of activities that develop these vital skills before they are five years of age. Otherwise, research indicates that children will be less likely to possess the motor skills that they will need throughout their lives. Furthermore, when children haven’t had the opportunity to engage in the types of play that encourage motor-skill development within their first six years, this can also lead to a life with limited brain power.

Playing outdoors is just one type of activity that can assist children with stimulating their cognitive abilities and further honing their motor skills. The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted research on children’s television-watching habits. They found that children between the ages of 8 to 18 spend about 4.5 hours a day watching television on their mobile phones, the Internet, and t

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May 11 2018

Behind The Storage Industry In The United States

From boat storage to car storage to storage of other personal items, the need for storage facilities all throughout the United States is immense. In fact, every year the storage unit industry alone creates more than twenty million dollars worth of revenue and employs nearly two hundred thousand people in all places around the United States. There are now more than fifty thousand storage facilities offering storage units for rent or for sale throughout the country, and more than two billion feet of storage unit space currently available, though the demand is only growing.

There are many reasons to need a storage unit, from boat storage to inadequate storage space in your family home. As the typical home in the United States only has around twenty one square feet of total storage space, it is not uncommon for the av

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May 09 2018

What Parents Should Know About Day Schools

When choosing a school for their kids, parents have to weigh a number of different factors. The advantages of private schools include greater student and teacher engagement, higher academic standards as reflected in test scores and college admission rates, and extracurricular activities that allow students to develop skills and self confidence. These are on the list of what to know about day schools for parents, so they can make a responsible decision about what would be the best school for their children.

What are the benefits of private school education?
For any parents considering the advantages of a private education, here’s what to know about day schools. By a number of different indices, such as student engagement, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and colleges admissions, day schools outperform their public school counterparts.

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May 09 2018

The Benefits of Using Party Equipment Rentals

When it comes to planning a wedding, event, or birthday party, there is always a high amount of stress attached. This is especially so when trying to properly plan a wedding or a birthday party because you will want everything to be perfect for the people at the center of these events. This is exactly why party equipment rentals are so popular in the United States right now.

The process of planning a party deals with organizing a lot of details, from invitations to decorations, food, and even activities. So if you utilize the services of party equipment rentals, this helps free up your time to be put towards other aspects of planning. This is just one of the benefits that come along with leaning on the services of these types of companies.

In the year of 2012, the average cost of a wedding was $27,000 and the average cost for the reception in that year came out to nearly $13,000. So with these costs being reasonable, there is no excuse for not working with party equipment ren

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