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Mar 11 2018

Donating Clothes Can Help Your Community, Your Environment And Your Wallet Here’s How

American red cross donations

Spring is around the corner…you know what that means? It’s time to get smart about spring cleaning.

That means not just getting rid of things you don’t need, but making the absolute most out of it. There’s money to be saved, communities to help and an environment to support when you rummage around in your closet for clothes you don’t wear anymore. Red Cross clothing pick up services are a convenient and fast way to not just clear out your home, but do a world of good…literally. If you’ve considered making 2018 the year you first donate to charity (or are coming back around for round two after giving last year), the list below will make sure you’re covering all your bases.

How Many People Give To Charity?

Donating to charity is more popular than you may th

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Mar 01 2018

Investments Three Types to Consider

Real estate for sale

Investments. Every American is told the importance of investments, whether those investments are in the stock market, are part of a land deal, an appreciation of physical assets, or more. Investments are a way of stockpiling wealth in America, of getting ready for retirement.

The types of investments that are covered here will be the stocks and bonds investments, the real estate investments, and the physical appreciation investments. Each has its pros and cons and each has different amounts of money that can be purchased with it. For instance, real estate investments generally require more money than stock investments.

Stocks and bonds are a classic way to invest money in America. Stocks are considered as shares in a company. In effect, they are part ownership, though it takes a great deal of sh

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