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Feb 22 2016

Freedom How Condominium Owners are Utilizing Three Design Asthetics to Transform Their Condos Into Homes

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A condominium is a special type of home where the condo owner in fact only owns the interior of a unit; the exterior is owned and maintained by the building owner. This ultimately means that condo owners need not worry about exterior maintenance, making the task of furnishing a condo even more pertinent. Before planning furniture in a room, it is advised that condo owners measure the room ahead of time to know the dimensions and limitations of furniture. Since many condominiums are on scenic, beach front property, there are a number of useful ideas for fu

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Feb 22 2016

So, You Want To Buy A Horse Ranch

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Maybe you were what they called a “horse girl” in middle school who has finally realized her aspirations. Maybe you’re an old hand at horse property and are looking to add to your holdings. Whoever you are, you find yourself looking for a horse ranch for sale. A luxury ranch is a hefty, complicated investment, so you’re going to want to learn a few things first:
1. How is the property zoned?
Old pros will know exactly what we mean by this question. The problem with your typical horse ranch for sale is that it’s often somewhere in between a residential property and a commercial property. It might have a house, a couple of silos, more than six stalls, a certain amount of acreage, etc., that makes it difficult to categorize by appraisers. Before you do any sort of negotiating, m

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