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Jun 29 2013

Trying Out a Few New Family Photo Ideas

Outdoor family photo ideas

Taking pictures of the family when everyone gets together has always been a tradition that most families share. However, you do not have to wait until an extended family gathering to get some family photos. Some funny holiday pictures are always a good idea for the immediate family to do and you never have to wait for a special occasion for that. There are tons of ideas for family pictures. All you have to do is take a look online at some of the family pictures that people post and you will begin to get several new ideas of family pictures you never thought of before. Even the awkard family photos you find online can give you some ideas for family pictures.

Outdoor family photo ideas are always fun to try. The next time you and your family go on a family outing take along your camera. Remember the

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Jun 27 2013

Achy Breaky Awkward Family Photo Albums

Family picture clothing ideas

Talk about awkward family Christmas photos. Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray just had a public throw down on twitter that makes the quintessential mullet man and the recent twerker perfect fodder for the most awkward family portraits ever.

Supposedly speaking about her parents impending divorce, Miley Cyrus posted the following on twitter, before quickly deleting it “@billyraycyrus since you won’t reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or I’ll tell it for you”. As if the holidays and embarrassing family photos are not enough to look forward too, the outspoken Miley has some public commentary on her dads alleged infidelity.

Her parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, have been married for 19 years, but it sounds like that is coming to a close. While their marriage is a lifetime compared

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Jun 25 2013

Four Upsides to Awkward Family Photos

Awkward family christmas photos

Are you a secret fan of awkward family pictures? Most of us like to complain about how ridiculous these pictures look, yet the reality is that some of us are actually producing these images with our families. What gives? Here are some funny upsides to having awkward family pictures.

First, you make people laugh. How is this not important? Sweater vests are funny. They are even more funny when six people, of different ages, are wearing them in a row for a picture. Awkward family Christmas photos are a gift of laughter you give to others.

Second, funny holiday pictures are memorable. Sure, if you had everyone pose nicely at a beach next to a sandcastle, it would be cute. But who is going to remember that when they received a card from a family who all dressed up like snowmen together? I would

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Jun 14 2013

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Jun 07 2013

How to Enjoy Your Awkward Family Pictures

Awkard family photos

Almost everyone has at least a few embarrassing family photos. These awkward family pictures can be as a result of an intentional photo bomb or else due to a series of pictures that are interspersed with pictures that are acceptable. For many people, however, these ackward family photos are the very best part of any photo session.

Embarrassing family photos can have so many different tones. Perhaps some of the most common of these awkward family portraits are probably those ones that feature funny facial expressions that people accidentally make prior to being photographed. Sometimes these pictures are the result of people making faces in an effort to pass the time while other people in party get ready to actually have their pictures taken.

In other cases, these embarrassing family photos are really quite unintentional. The Internet is replete with websites featuring plenty of these pictures, including funny holiday pictures. Some of these pictures feature interesting combinations of outfits such as a prehistoric theme in which the family dress to look like people from the time when humans lived in caves.

Some of these embarrassing family photos are the result of family picture clothing ideas gone horribly wrong. For example, there are is a website that is devoted to posting pictures of family members wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Other pictures feature people who are dressed while one in their party is underdressed in some fashion.

There are even some Internet websites that feature family pictures with the pets in awkward situations. Taking pictures of their pet dogs or cats wearing ugly sweaters or other clothing of some sort are one of the most popular type of awkard family photos.


Awkard Family Photos is the site for awkward and embarrassing family photos, funny family videos, ugly holiday sweaters and other cringe-worthy memories of childhood. We also have photo advice on how to make your next family photo a lot less awkward, photography news, weather and stock quotes.


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