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Contemporary modern furniture

Modern bedroom design marries the creative vision of a designer and the desires of a homeowner. Each home has a unique style and flare, leaving the designer with much to consider. In the case of a modern bedroom design, all the furniture will have a contemporary design, often very simplistic, costing the homeowner anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. As long as this amount of money is allotted in the budget, a homeowner can find modern bedroom sets easily. Furniture companies usually post their catalogues online and offer shipping discounts based upon the amount of money a homeowner spends.

With hundred of bedroom sets to search through, designers have the arduous task of pulling the right pieces to fit a homeowners dream room. Approximately 65 billion dollars goes toward the furniture industry every year and it is estimated that furniture sales will increase steadily for the next five years because of an increase in disposable income. With so many companies vying for clientele, it’s no surprise that 95% of the marketshare is scattered among all these companies, with no company holding more than 5 percent. While 10% of the country’s total sales in furniture go to churches, hospitals, non-profits and other organizations, the rest of the industry relies on paying customers and homeowners who want new bedroom sets and cutting edge fashion in their houses.

Redesigning bedroom comes with other complication such as the color of the room and its size. Homeowners might also want to consider changing the appearance of other parts of the home to reflect their bedroom’s new look. Many design companies offer face lifts for living rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. All the old light fixtures can also be traded in for modern lighting to match a home’s new theme. With all these things to consider and multiple options at a homeowner’s disposal, the furniture industry will continue to boom and boast the best that modern bedroom design has to offer.

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  1. I just redesigned my bedroom with all modern furniture and it looks amazing!! I used a design person to help me and even though it was a lot of money, it was worth it!

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