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Jun 06 2013

Read This About Home Burglar Alarm Systems

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The fear of coming home and finding that your home has been broken into is something that many Americans know. Coming home to find that your home actually has been broken into is a terrifying occurrence. And until the authorities come to sweep the premises, you don’t actually know if the burglar is still in the home. But it’s not just coming home to find your home broken into that scares us, it’s the stories of home invasions. It’s knowing that our personal castles aren’t as safe as we want them to be. It’s the fear that we can be vulnerable and that our family is vulnerable.

That is why ADT alarms wishes to educate people on the importance of having home burglar alarm systems in your home. As the largest security company in North America and serving over 6.4 million customers, ADT knows a thing or two about home burglar alarm systems, and how you can protect your home. Within the United States, the most prevalent occurrence of burglaries is in the South, 47 percent of all burglaries reported have taken place in southern states. The amount of burglaries reported in the Midwest and West regions of the United States account for another 21 percent of all burglaries while the Northeast has the lowest occurrence with 11 percent .

Before you believe that by living in one of the safer regions, you don’t need to invest in home burglar alarm systems, think again. These are only the statistics of reported burglaries. Sometimes, people don’t even notice that they’ve been vandalized. With ADT burglar alarm, burglar alarm equipment and burglar alarm systems, you can have a bit of assurance that your home is protected.

When having home burglar alarm systems installed, it’s prudent to remember that if you live in the center of the block, there is less visibility to your house and the chances of your home being targeted by a burglar increase. It’s also always good to set your home burglar alarm systems whenever you leave the house. While it’s true that most burglaries happen in the warmer months, they are generally more common between the hours of 10 A.M to 3 P.M, when it’s assured that most people will be at work. Wireless burglar alarms may even allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone while you are at work.
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