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Apr 03 2017

Are You Looking for Finely Crafted Wood Furnishings?

Amish sheds

It was the giggling that took you by surprise.
As a birthday gift to your father, both you and your sister had rearranged your schedules so that you could spend much of the week celebrating your Dad’s 85th birthday. You really did not have much specific planned, just some early morning cribbage and four point games of pitch after breakfast and the time to ramble around the small town where you had spent many years of your youth. Trips with your Dad to move hoses, 30 minute drives to the closest town with a restaurant that served lunch, and, of course, plenty of time for visiting.
You knew that you would be visiting with your Dad’s friends around town and you knew that you would be able to make at least one road trip to visit a relative that no one in your family had seen in nearly seven years. You did not

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Apr 03 2017

Are You Looking for a Sturdy Backyard Work Space?

Board and batten sheds

Rethinking space.
It seems to be a trend.
As a growing number of cities across the country approve the building of small homes as temporary housing locations for the most needy in our community, individuals are also creating new ways to make use of structures like board and batten sheds, custom gazebos, and Amish built barns.
In a time when so many have so much and still others have so little, it only makes sense that the use of structures like custom built board and batten sheds will be repurposed, redesigned, and reconfigured.
It should come as no surprise that Amish garage builders and Amish furniture designers are in high demand as individual owners, small business investors, and even city officials seek to fi

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