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Mar 20 2013

Why Funny Holiday Photographs are So Popular

Awkward family portraits

If you have more than a few friends, you know some of the funny holiday pictures you can receive. Some are awkward family photos Christmas photographic studios love to produce. Others are rather embarrassing family photos that can give off more information than you need to know. These funny holiday pictures are a staple today, but were once considered a luxury. As a luxury item has moved into the mainstream, funny holiday pictures have become a fixture of the Christmas circuit.

Such funny holiday pictures were once very rare. Until the mid 20th century, family portraits were prohibitively expensive. While most families took at least one, they were still hard to get, and came only once every few years. Family portraits were even harder to produce, and were rarely seen on post cards or in mailing. As such, family portraits tended to be dignified, formal affairs.

Informal funny holiday pictures arose only when technology made it possible. First, there was cheaper film. Later, there were digital camera products. Evolving at the same time were printing technology that made awkward family Christmas photos easy to distribute. These awkard family photos started to spring up, and it was only a matter of time before they became commonplace. Today, families love to send these out.

Why are so many ideas for family pictures so zany? Some of it has to do with technology, but that is only a means of expression. The central idea is still there. The central idea for funny holiday pictures is a self depreciating sense of humor. Families who have this tend to express this humor in photographic form.

As families march through more holidays, they will always produce embarrassing family photos. You have no choice but to receive them. So take funny holiday pictures with a grain of salt. After all, it is an honor you are being included on their joke.

Mar 19 2013

Five Facts You Should Know Before Relocating To Charlotte NC

Houses for sale lake norman

While many have heard of Charlotte, few know exactly where it is located and the city is in Mecklenburg County, home to a large intercity railway system. If you are thinking of relocating to Charlotte NC, you will need to first look for home options before you can make the move. There are many different types of Charlotte NC homes for sale and you will have the greatest chance of finding an option that you love by working with a real estate professional. Selecting the right real estate agency to work with will give you the best chance of finding a house that fits your budget as well as your needs.

Mecklenburg County is a growing region and the population has increased in the last 10 years by over 36 percent . If you will be relocating to Charlotte NC, working with a local rental agency will help you find a property that has all of the features that you want in your new home. If you are not from the Charlotte area, working with a realtors in charlotte nc will allow you to find the best houses in the county.

The average house in Charlotte sells for $190,000, which has increased by 19 percent since last year. Buying Charlotte North Carolina real estate is an investment for the future because house sales are projected to increase every year. When you are relocating to Charlotte NC, you can buy a house that may even have a lower payment than rent would be on an apartment.

Another interesting fact about Charlotte is that the schools are in the Mecklenburg district and are some of the finest in the state. When you are not sure what neighborhood to move to, a Charlotte real estate agent can help you select the best part of the county to move to. When relocating to Charlotte NC, you need to start your search early so that you will have plenty of time to look at available houses.

While there are plenty of options for real estate Charlotte NC realtors can offer you, the supply is getting smaller every year with the demand increasing, which is why it is best to buy now. You will find a real estate agency that can help you with relocating to Charlotte NC. Whether you are being transferred by your company or you simply want to try out a new city, Charlotte has many great houses that will accommodate you.

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Mar 15 2013

How to design your own wrought iron decor and furniture

Accent tables

The term wrought comes from an ancient term to work. Wrought iron therefore means that the wrought iron furniture is a piece of work. It was during the third century BC, in several countries like China, the Mediterranean and India, when wrought iron started to be used as tools and weapons. Over the years, wrought iron has become synonymous with wrought iron furniture. More and more wrought iron furniture came about, such as wrought iron bar stools, wrought iron beds, wrought iron chairs and other wrought iron decor. They became the choice furniture among homeowners and even commercial establishment owners. This is because of its durability and quality. Durability and craftsmanship are the things that give wrought iron furniture its value. And when it comes to kitchenware, you can find a lot of wrought iron pieces, such as the common pot racks, serveware, wine racks and cabinet.

From the 30s to the 70s, wrought iron furniture gained popularity and has since then became part of many homes and commercial establishments. This is not surprising since it is quite malleable and can be created into different shapes or forms. Joining the parts is also very easy with simple spot or arc welding. You can therefore easily design a piece that suits your style. This is also the reason why many artists started producing wrought iron furniture pieces. There was John B. Salterini who designed beautiful pieces. Then during the 50 even the Museum of Modern Art featured wrought iron furniture pieces in their very first Good Design Show. The pieces or sets were made by famous artists such as Van Keppel Green and Eero Saarinen. Their works practically demonstrated why wrought iron furniture are not just for indoor areas but are perfect for indoor rooms. They collectively brought inside the home what was once considered as exclusively outdoor furniture. And what they showed is that when it comes to wrought iron furniture, there are no boundaries. Wrought iron furniture can vary in design or style. It can be modern, classic, ornate or rustic.

With the unique qualities of wrought iron, you might want to try your hand at creating your own pieces. You can start with a simple decorative piece for your room and then work your way up to large pieces. And the best thing about this is that you do not need to have the talent in drawing or sculpting. What you should do therefore is to find an inspiration. An inspiration can be anything. For example, you can start with fruits. From there you can create fruit basket in the form of a banana. Then eventually you can do a little alteration on your banana design and use that as a lounge chair. All you have to do in this case is to find a company that do custom wrought iron decor and furniture to create your idea.

Mar 14 2013

Photographers in Miami for Weddings

Wedding photographers in miami fl

There are Miami wedding photographers that specialize in making every bride and grooms day one to always remember. There is a Miami wedding photographer for everyone out there, you just have to be willing to take the time to meet with several Miami wedding photographers before making your ultimate decision as to who you would like to have photographing your special day. You will find that among wedding photographers in Miami, there is a difference in style and artistic ability. The Miami wedding photographer that is going to be right for you will be one that will capture the love between the bride and groom and will be able to use photography to illustrate the tempo and style of the wedding and the aura that the people that are in it are conveying. For these reasons that are hard to describe in black and white, we are finding that the Miami wedding photographers that are being selected by most brides and grooms are the Miami wedding photographers that have the ability to connect the best with the people they are being interviewed with. Sometimes, it is not just about skill in photography, it is about the confidence that a photographer gives to the people shelling out the money for the photography at their wedding.

Mar 13 2013

The Latest Web Trend That Could Involve Your Family Photo

Funny holiday pictures

Everyone is convinced that their family photo album could not possibly be any more embarrassing, but what if it could? If you are Internet savvy or follow funny Internet trends, chances are you have come across, or at least heard of the awkward family photos web page.

Awkard family photos is just what its’ name boasts. The most awkward family photos known to man. You thought your dads’ cut offs in the jcpenney portrait studios were bad? How about siblings and a ventriloquist dummy? or perhaps the whole family in the birthing tub after your youngest sibling was born? Yeah. It is that awkward.

Since the launch of awkward family photos, the site has moved on to create subsidiary sites, including awkward family Christmas photos, funny holiday pictures, awkward family photos valentines edition, and awkward family pet photos, to name a few. Awkard family photos has even recently released the awkward family photos book, which is a collection of their most awkward photos, for you to keep on your coffee table or desk as you please.

If you and your family are looking for family picture clothing ideas, it is not recommended you visit the site. The site boasts some of the most fabulous 80′s garb you could ever imagine, none of which you would want to be caught dead in these days.

Awkard family photos is for pure entertainment, and receives hundreds of submissions from family members and friends of the photo subjects. Submitting to the site is incredible easy, and takes only a few minutes. Want to take an awkward family photos souvenir with you? Feel free to shop in their online store for everything from shirts to key chains featuring photo submissions.

If you are looking for the latest updates on the site, you can follow awkard family photos on Facebook and twitter! If you have not yet checked out the site you should. Better double check to make sure your family photo has not made the cut.


Awkard Family Photos is the site for awkward and embarrassing family photos, funny family videos, ugly holiday sweaters and other cringe-worthy memories of childhood. We also have photo advice on how to make your next family photo a lot less awkward, photography news, weather and stock quotes.


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