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Mar 25 2017

Create a Private Island Getaway with Nautical Decor

Nautical decor

Does your home decor reflect your personality and lifestyle? If it doesn’t even come close, when was the last time you updated? Nearly half of the people in the United States admitted they hadn’t updated their living space in 5 years. While some people may find comfort in the familiar, others need to mix it up on a regular basis.

Whether you live along the coast or just love all things nautical, does your home interior reflect this? If you find yourself feeling gloomy or unhappy with your surroundings, it’s time to update your decor! Did you know that most Americans would rather shop for their home than buy shoes? This is true for both men and women, so perhaps it’s past time to go shopping.

A recent survey showed that only 20% of Americans feel happy with their home interiors. Another 14% admitted t

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Mar 07 2017

What to Keep in Mind For Custom Amish Gazebos

Pet shelters

Amish furniture has been around since the 1920s. The majority of Amish furniture is made from five different types of wood, including maple, walnut, hickory, or cherry. One of the popular Amish pieces is gazebos.

Order Directly Online
For your convenience, you can order your new Amish gazebo online. When you do order online, you can expect your gazebo to take approximately 12 to 16 weeks to arrive at your home. The reason it takes this long is because it takes roughly eight weeks to build new and custom gazebos.

Durability Matters
When you purchase gazebos NJ, you will get your money’s worth. Durability is something that isn’t jeopardized when your Amish gazebo is being built. In fact, there was a st

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Mar 03 2017

Why Assisted Living Can Make Your Golden Years Your Most Comfortable Year

Florida retirement communities

What is assisted living, actually? That is a question many people who are in retirement are asking more and more these days. In generations gone by, going to a “home” was something many older people were very afraid of. In fact, if you asked them, they would likely tell you that was their greatest fear. In generations past, that would have been an understandable fear. Senior facilities have not always been the most comfortable places for older folks to spend their remaining days, but these days are not the old days. Things have changed.

With the average age of retirement being 63 and thousands of Baby Boomers retiring every year, assisted living facilities and retirement centers are popping up all over the country and are competing for business like any other burgeoning industry. What this mea

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Mar 01 2017

Express Your Gratitude with Specialty Floral and Fruit Basket Arrangements

Specialty floral arrangements

One of the nicest ways to show someone they’re special is to hand or send them a bouquet of fresh flowers. In addition to bouquets with a single type of flower, you may also want to include several varieties with a sprig or two of greenery. There are so many different types of beautiful arrangements available from your local florists.

If you’re not sure when to gift someone with flowers, your local florist will likely recommend these and other occasions:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Congratulations
  • Get well soon
  • Graduations
  • New baby
  • Sympathy
  • Thinking of you

Holidays of all types usually provide an excellent occasion to send flowers. The number one holiday season for flowers, as you may be aware, is during H

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