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Dec 15 2017

How Red Cross Donations Help Individuals in Need

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Giving to others is an important part of helping the community. Over 65% of individuals donate and do their part to provide to charities each year. Many people are under the mistaken belief that they must have money to give in order to help a charity out. However, Red Cross donations don’t have to be monetary only. There are many drop-off sites that take clothes donations, and even ways to arrange for them to be picked up. Here are some ways these used clothing donations help those locally.

They Provide Instant Needs in Times of Distress

For folks that must have their needs met in times of distress, such as a fire or other natural disaster. When people lose everything

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Feb 07 2017

The Importance of Donating During Wardrobe Transition Time

American red cross clothing donations

Although it may be hard to believe, spring will soon be here. The cold and icy weather will be replaced with warmth and the return of leaves and flowers. Your children will replace their snow boots and winter coats with flip flops and spring jackets. Although the idea of warmer weather is nice, the idea of organizing the spring and summer clothes and putting away the winter ones can be overwhelming for a parent. This transition of seasonal wardrobes does not have to be so difficult.

Develop a system

Developing an organization and wardrobe rotation system may seem overwhelming in itself, but it will make future clothing changes easier. You can also enlist the help of your spouse, or your children to help find an easy method. The system might include pushing worn clothing t

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Jan 11 2017

American Red Cross Clothing DonationsHelping Each Other

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Every year, as unfortunate as it is, events occur that make it necessary for the american red cross to ask for donations. Even during quiet times, which are typically few and far between, american red cross clothing donations are welcome at any of their locations nationwide. It is important to have items on hand in the case of an emergency so that people in need will not have to wait for donations to be collected. Having donations readily available also enables members of the red cross to send or bring the needed items to the location or locations with no loss of time.

Every day of the year, every hour of each day, help is made available by the red cross to people and communities in need. Through this organization people are able to receive food, clothing, blankets, and even shelte

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