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Jun 06 2018

Are You Ready to Do Some Real Purging This Summer?

The pink sweater stops you in your tracks every single time.
You remember everything about that day. You came home from work, dressed to go out to dinner with your boyfriend. You had no idea where you were going to eat and what you would be doing afterward, but you did know that even the hottest days of that summer were in the habit of becoming cool in the evening. And even though you were dressed in navy and white that evening, for some reason you grabbed that pink button down cardigan off the couch before you walked out the front door. You had a red jacket that you typically wore with this outfit, but tonight you were running a little late and the pink sweater was the easiest.
Several hours later and in a room full of people, including your parents, who were gathered to congratulate you at the engagement party, you were still wearing that sweater. In every picture of that night, from the romantic ask to the celebratory toast, that sweater was a part of that special evening. T

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Jun 06 2018

The 4 Most Common Occasions that Call for Flowers

Why get flowers delivered? It’s a fair question. Flowers are one of the most abundant and beautiful gifts we can give to someone else. There are all sorts of reasons we give flowers to each other, whether it be to make a good impression on a first date or to show appreciation to a loved one. And these are the five most common occasions that (usually) call for flowers.

Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, flower power really blooms. It is estimated that the flowers purchased for Mother’s Day alone accounts for nearly one-fourth of all the flower sales for all holidays. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for this particular holiday, with an approximate 67% of people choosing to buy their mother flowers as a gift. That’s a lot of different arrangements to choose from.


Speaking of arrangements, weddings are the next largest occasion requiring flowers, although not as gifts. These are simply used in numerous arrangements to add to the theme or overall color sch

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Jun 03 2018

The Importance of American Red Cross Clothing Donations

Giving to charities, such as a Red Cross donation center, has become more and more popular over the years. In fact, in just one year in the United States alone, around seventy percent of the total population will choose to donate to charity at least once – and many more than once. Of the total income of people living in the United States, just under five percent of the annual amount is directed towards charity organizations, both through direct donations as well as donated goods. People donate to charity for a number of reasons and internal motivations. For one, it helps out the community. When surveyed, giving back to the community was one of the most popular reasons for donating to charity, and was a key motivation for more than sixty percent of all donors.

But for those who do not necessarily have the funds to give to charity, making a donation may seem difficult. Fortunately, donations come in many forms, such as American Red Cross clothing donations. American Red Cross clothing d

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Jun 01 2018

Important things to know when buying a new home

Choosing a new home can be tricky and being move-in ready is something that is important when deciding on a new home. When looking in communities that you wish to live in it is important that you have a plan because purchasing a new home can be confusing sometimes. We will look at some of the important things to know before buying a home and how to set yourself up for success when moving so you can be move-in ready.

Picking the right state to move to can make a difference.
If you are choosing a home that is across state lines it can really make a difference especially when filing taxes. Did you know for instance If you purchase a home in Florida and then declare that it is your primary residence, you can receive a tax exemption for the first $50,000 of value for property tax purposes? Tax breaks and different regulations can differ between states and can really make a difference.

Choose the home that fits you best.
Being move-in ready means that you have chosen the home tha

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Jun 01 2018

3 Times You Need to Decide Whether To See A Doctor

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether a medical issue is serious enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room or clinic, or whether it’s best to just stay home and rest. Read on for three times it can be hard to decide what to do, and advice for deciding whether or not to visit a doctor.

Difficulty Breathing

The average adult breaths around 14 times a minute when at rest, and faster–often much faster–after exertion or exercise. When going to an urgent care location it’s important to be able to tell the doctors whether the difficulty breathing came on suddenly or gradually, and while at rest or after exertion. It’s also helpful to notice if the difficulty breathing came after doing or experiencing something new. This sort of information will help medical professionals distinguish among the different possible causes of difficulty breathing.

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