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Aug 12 2016

Common Terrible Twos Myths, Debunked

Newborn sleep tips

It seems that everyone has their own opinion on dealing with the terrible twos. The terrible twos generally happen when your little one is learning more about the world around them, but is not able to communicate properly. The result? Toddler screaming tantrums, emotions on the rise, and parents at their wits end.

But many parents have some misconceptions about terrible twos behavior, and they learn to dread this period in their child’s life. This doesn’t have to be the case, so here are some common misconceptions about dealing with the terrible twos, debunked.

Myth: All two-year-olds have flaw

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Aug 02 2016

Solving the Substance Abuse Problem

Adderall addiction

Too often we see completely capable and well-functioning individuals with promising futures ahead of them fall victim to drug use and addiction. It can be any number of things that leads them down this destructive path, but the most important thing to remember is that that addiction is a sickness that they very well may be past the point of having any control over whatsoever. Finding the right addiction treatment can be tricky, as one course of action that works for one person may not be so productive for someone else.

Different addiction treatments for different people

Not only do different people react in different ways to different treatments, but sometimes the substance that they are addicted to can also play a part in trying to find the suitable Read more ...

Aug 01 2016

A First Time Home Buyers Guide and Tips

Ideal neighborhood

Owning a home is a right of adulthood. You might have grown up, dreaming what your future home would look like. You probably dreamed of what colors you would paint your walls and what type of furniture you would furnish the home with. You might have pictured your backyard with maybe a pool or a small fishing pond. You may have added in a large wraparound deck, where you could entertain your family and friends. Home ownership is a common American dream. However, the home buying process can be confusing and intimidating. With the right steps and assistance, you can purchase your first home with little effort, making the best decision for you and your families living needs.

The financing part is the first part of the home buying process. You will have to establish how you will pay for the home. If you wi

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Aug 01 2016

Pajama Onesies When Creativity Meets Comfort

Women footed pajamas

Pajamas. Supposedly, they’re more about comfort than style. They aren’t meant to be seen, they’re meant to be slept in; but maybe we should think a little bit more about what we wear to bed. They impact a good night’s sleep more than you might imagine. It’s believed that 74% of Americans wear regular pajamas to sleep, 8% sleep nude, and the rest wear something else entirely. A good night’s sleep isn’t just about your mattress or when you go to bed. It’s about what you wear — the texture of the product, the body temperature it helps generate, and much more. Many people find that they don’t get enough sleep; while Americans on average sleep for eight and a half hours per night, four in 10 Americans don’t get the amount of sleep they’re recommended or need. This is why people are more willing now t

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